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B2B or B2C Cannabis Marketing Campaigns

Now is the time for your company  to grow– with a compelling website, persuasive branding, and targeted social media messaging that generates the kind of revenues that’ll make you smile.

Right now: Whether you already have, or are ready to launch, a cannabis business, it’s time to make it happen. We’re the first full-service, San Diego-based cannabis marketing agency.

We get it. And we get it right: We’re passionate about marketing your company in ways that revolutionize how your customers perceive this growing industry. We have specialists in branding, web, print, packaging, cannabis SEO, focused content and social media campaigns.

Full-Spectrum: A cannabis business needs many experts to get it right: regulations, leases, technology and cybersecurity. A team that can get you to market faster, efficiently and ahead of the competition will help your company shine through.

We know about the opportunities and the challenges ahead. We know your hopes and fears, because we share them.

Cannabis Marketing. That’s the name of our game. Let’s get started.


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Cannabis Marketing News

3 Effective Cannabis Marketing Strategies You Need Right Now

In the field of cannabis marketing, new techniques and online strategies can arise with great frequency. Some of these trends come and go, but others stand the test of time due to their effectiveness. When considering to adopt a new cannabis marketing strategy, it helps to come up with a few key questions, such as: Will the new technique or strategy help my business gain customers? Is the strategy suited to the company’s goals?

Meet Pattie Cakes: A (San Diego) Woman of Weed

A local educator and marijuana advocate is hosting the San Diego premiere of Mary Janes: The Women of Weed, an award-winning documentary about the women making waves in today’s cannabis industry. Pattie Harris, a retired teacher and autism consultant, has lived in San Diego since 2000. She’s also been dealing with diabetes for decades.

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A Crash Course in California Compliance: What Your CannaBusiness Needs to Know

Summary: PharmLabs’ Sample Intake Specialist Alicia Morf knows the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s Emergency

Cannabis Marketing 101: Best Cannabis Website Design Practices for Generating Leads

In today’s competitive cannabis industry, it is crucial for green companies to integrate solid

Susan Rust, CEO

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Why Are We Called 4blooms?

4Blooms describes the four stages of cannabis flowering and how marketing builds from an idea to brand recognition to organic ranking and results in sales. Come bloom with us!

Pre-Flowering—Even before lights switch to 12-12, your marijuana plants may show sex. Female primordial flowers, usually with two white hairs show up at stem junctions (nodes).

Early Flowering—Starting a few days after you put your lights to 12-12, pre-flowers begin turning into budding sites and then into “early flowers.”

Peak Flowering—When buds are well-developed, peak flowering  begins with increasing numbers and density of resin glands and mature floral structure. Peak bloom is usually the longest phase of 12-12 cycle, lasting 2-5 weeks for many cannabis strains.

Late Flowering–When resin glands and bud hairs start to deteriorate, and before marijuana is wholly overripe, plants are in late flowering phase.

by John Foster in Big Buds Magazine
Cannabis 4blooms